Kiremko Skills Lab and Largest Drum Dryers in the world

Kiremko Skills Lab and Largest Drum Dryers in the world

Kiremko Skills Lab
With the introduction of a new concept called Skills Lab, Kiremko is encouraging its staff to share knowledge and educate its employees at the same time. In regularly planned factory visits, workshop tours and assembly line inspections, employees of Kiremko upgrade their knowledge on the quality products their company makes. 
By educating staff, sharing and enriching their knowledge, Kiremko is continuously trying to improve, ensuring the necessary expertise that is needed in the potato processing industry. This leads to a better quality of processing lines and ads value for each customer.
Largest Drum Dryers on the Globe
In this edition of the Skills Lab, employees visited the assembly area where Kiremko and its partner Idaho Steel are manufacturing four of the largest drum dryers on the globe. These gargantuan units that weigh a staggering 45 tons, are capable of processing 4600 kg/h of mash into potato flakes. 
The flakes are used in an impressive variety of end products such as chips and snacks, baby food, bread and pancake mixes, formed meat products and even on-food applications such as plastics.  
Idaho Steel
Together with dedicated partner Idaho Steel, Kiremko is able to assemble processing units that have the largest output capacities in the world. As a team we are able to continuously grow and raise the market standards, always ensuring the Kiremko quality, now and in the future. 

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