Mechanical cutting machines

Together with our partner FAM we can offer you various mechanical cutting machines to cut potatoes in three-dimensional shapes, slices, dices, ribbed slices, ribbed chips, extra-long chips, or other variants.

Exchangeable knives offer all thinkable variations. During the designing of the FAM machines and their cutting tools, all factors affecting the cutting quality are explicitly taken into account. This way, you are assured the very best yield, with the least possible cutting waste. For each production capacity, matching machines are available, which can seamlessly be built into each Kiremko process line. Consistent separation of moving parts and production surfaces ensure optimum ease of cleaning and operation.

FAM Tridis 240P: Bringing capacity, efficiency and quality to a new level. High capacity dicer, designed for the very demanding French fry industry. Compared to other available cutting machines, the FAM Tridis™ 240P increases capacity by 10% to 40%. Perfecting the product flow has led to an excellent cut quality and yield, with less slivers and fines. Excels in the most crucial performance indicators: cut quality, capacity, hygiene, maintenance and simplicity.