French fries

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to supply the world's most efficient processing lines. The technology is, for the major part, thanks to the efforts of our own R&D and engineering departments.  

The potatoes are peeled with a minimum loss of product; subsequently, they are carefully and optimally cut, fried, dried and once again sorted, resulting in the desired French fries as the end product. In addition, the process may be expanded with freezing and packaging installations. The essence of the production process involves its low susceptibility to malfunctions, a minimum loss of raw materials, efficient use of water and energy and ease of operation, resulting in high-quality French fries with an even fat and moisture content, which are optimally cooked and have an excellent flavour and colour. Our machines are able to provide these results because of their high-quality technology and automation and ease of operation.  

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French fries

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