Kiremko introduces the Primary Oil Filter

Kiremko introduces the Primary Oil Filter

During the Interpom exhibition Kiremko launched the Primary Oil Filter (POF), one of the latest innovation in the field of oil filtering. This state-of-the-art device filters the oil of your entire frying system, making sure the oil is clean and crumb-free. With the very narrow pass, the POF provides a better result than most other filters installed in this part of your processing line. There will be less crumbs ending up in follow-up filtration steps, making these filters more efficient as well.

The main advantages of the POF are:

  • 10% - 15% less oil content compared to a conventional belt  filter
  • The machine distinguishes itself by its simplicity and accessibility
  • The smallest perforation is only 0,8 mm, which ensures a finer filtration than most other filters that are available for this stage of your process


For more information about the Primary Oil Filter or other Kiremko innovations, please send an email to

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