Ton Hendrickx General Sales Manager Kiremko

As of December 1st 2018, Ton Hendrickx (52) is appointed as General Sales Manager at Kiremko. Ton Hendrickx has been associated with Kiremko since 2013 as external strategic advisor. Kiremko sees the contracting of Ton Hendrickx as an important step for the future of Kiremko.

Kiremko focus on customer
Marcel van Huissteden, on behalf of the directors of Kiremko: “In 2013 we started by setting out a route to the future with the help of Ton. "This resulted in a customer-oriented organization with a new structure. In this structure, the collaborative functions sales, marketing and innovation have been brought together and a new function of General Sales Manager was created.
Both parties see this chance to fill this position with someone who knows and cares about Kiremko, as a great opportunity”.


Heruitvinder terminated
Ton Hendrickx: "After twenty years of entrepreneurship, I have decided to take the (leap) step to Kiremko. An inspiring, ambitious and innovative company. I consider this step a great challenge. It is not every day a consultant to joins a client. In this case I do so with full dedication ".


Kiremko is the market leader of machinery for the potato processing industry. We deliver total solutions that add value for each customer. We focus on product development, continuous improvement, innovative and sustainable technology and cooperation.
Future-oriented with respect for our team, our customers, our partners and the environment.


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