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Kiremko is the main supplier for a new project with Linkage Farm Frites China.
Over the past months there have been quite a few meetings between project teams of the joint venture Linkage Farm Frites and Kiremko. These positive conversations led to an agreement which makes Kiremko the main supplier and integrator of a complete new French fries process and packaging line in China.

For over 20 years, Kiremko has supplied production lines for the fast emerging potato processing industry in China. Together with their strategic partners, Kiremko is able to build turnkey systems, from the raw potato storage up to the packaging and palletizing of the final product. For the design of the processing line for Linkage Farm Frites in Wudan, Kiremko will cooperate closely with its traditional partners as well as other suppliers which have been selected by Farm Frites. However, the essential part of the processing line will be designed and manufactured by Kiremko itself.

Supported by Kiremko’s business support office in Beijing, Kiremko will be able to provide optimum service during installation and start-up of the line. Starting early 2017, over 100 containers with equipment will be shipped to China. Kiremko and Linkage Farm Frites expect to have the first coated French fries coming out of the line before the harvesting season of 2017. Once the line is in operation, the production capacity will be 10,000 kg per hour, with the possibility to further increase in the near future.

Kiremko is a Dutch engineering company, which is fully dedicated to the potato processing industry. Kiremko designs, manufactures and installs complete processing lines, factory upgrades and capacity expansions, as well as stand-alone equipment. Kiremko offers reliable, turnkey solutions from raw product receiving systems right up to the packaging lines for end products such as French fries, potato flakes, fresh and pre-cooked potatoes, potato chips and more. Their services include project management, (pre-) engineering activities, utility engineering and process support. Kiremko’s technology is innovative, solid and always designed to the specific requirements of their customers.

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