Kiremko Guard Family 


The Kiremko Guard family is a series of advanced systems that control, support and guard your potato process in an innovative way.  

Every Guard has its own unique role within your potato processing line and provides valuable data that helps to maintain a stable process and efficient processing line.

Data coming from the Kiremko Guards can be used to control other systems directly or indirectly, making sure the end product always has the best shape, flavour, texture and colour.

Constant innovation allows us to raise the standard. In this way we closely study each food-processing procedure, in order to develop and produce machines that are not only more powerful and efficient, but also low-maintenance and more water & energy efficient, without sacrificing the quality of the end product. That is what Kiremko's quality is all about.

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Kiremko Guards 

  • Collect data from your processing line

  • Control your processing units when you want to

  • Provide you with important process information

  • Contribute to sustainable processes and efficient use of raw materials

  • Ensure savings through less waste

The Family

Kiremko KnifeGuard®
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 A unique knife identification system for the QuadraFlow hydro cutter. 


Kiremko PeelGuard®
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An optical measuring and weighing unit that has the option to control your steam peeler. 


Kiremko WeighGuard®
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An advanced system that ensures the accurate dosing of salt, dextrose or other flavourings.