Consciously doing
business for a fair future

We believe Kiremko’s stable future depends on motivated employees, a healthy planet and the best potatoes being sustainably processed by customers.

Fair Future goals

The world is constantly in motion, and we are also seeing several important developments in the field of sustainability in the food processing industry. Sustainable investing in the future is made visible in Kiremko’s Fair Future policy. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) form the basis for this policy. These are sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. We focus on 4 themes.


Responsible production

Kiremko produces in a responsible manner and invests in sustainable industry with all chain partners, looking at its own production process and responsible production for its customers.

How does Kiremko produce responsibly


Climate action

Actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by both saving on energy consumption and using energy resources efficiently.

How does Kiremko take action


Employee and society

Kiremko stands for committed employees and contributes to local society by investing in sports, youth & education to broadly share the passion for technology.

How does Kiremko contribute to this



Kiremko collaborates with partners in the chain to create more impact. This way, we share our responsible business approach with partners, suppliers and customers.

What do Kiremko's collaborations look like