Woerdens Techniek Talent
Woerdens Techniek Talent, WTT, is a joint venture incorporating local trade & industry, government bodies and educational institutions. Their objective is to stimulate the inflow into technical training courses, guaranteeing sufficient technically trained personnel in the region for the future.

Technology is fun!
Woerdens Techniek Talent intends to familiarise children with the versatility of technology and to make them aware of the fact that technology forms an essential part of our daily lives. Moreover, the work provided by technical professions is interesting and fun!

To familiarise pupils with technology, WTT organises events and projects that allow them to experience technology first-hand. One of these initiatives is the three-day technology event Techniek Driedaagse. This event is organised every year. Around 4.000 pupils from the two final years of primary schools in Woerden and the surrounding municipalities will visit the Techniek Driedaagse. These pupils will participate in numerous practical activities in various technical branches. This way, they will experience the versatility of working in a technical profession first-hand. Kiremko is one of the companies involved in this event.

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Sustainable involvement
How can you make sure your employees remain healthy and are able to continue to work longer? This is the central question in the pilot project 'Sustainable involvement in the Metalelectro branch'. Kiremko started participating in this project in 2013.

A career is no longer limited to a single company or a single discipline. The sector, in Dutch: Metalektro, is faced with the challenge to keep people employed longer in a motivated, healthy and pleasant way. This involves continuous investment in, for example, older employees, helping them to remain able-bodied and deployable in the job market.

In which sustainability issues is Kiremko especially involved?
After listing the bottlenecks, we systematically work on improvements. For example, within Kiremko we are working on topics such as the sharing of knowledge and making introductions, which will lead to the stimulation of sustainable deployability of employees.